Dione Duhamel takes on year-long charity running challenge


20 April 2022


Dione Duhamel from our Jersey office has set herself a charity running challenge that is no small feat.


Throughout this year, she’ll be running 2,500km for the Stroke Association. They provide support to people affected by stroke, helping them rebuild their lives.


We spoke with Dione to find out more about the challenge.


What are the details of the challenge?

For 2022 I’ve challenged myself to run 2,500km, which is about 1,500 miles.


This works out to just under 50km a week. I’ll be running the Jersey Marathon as part of the challenge.


What made you want to do the challenge?

A stroke strikes every five minutes and can entirely alter a life, not just to the person who’s had the stroke but also their family and friends.


Last year we lost my Dad, and my uncle is still in a critical condition after both of them had strokes within two weeks of each other.


How are you getting on? Is it more challenging or easier than you thought it would be?

As of 31 March, I’ve run just over 500km (c.310 miles), so I’m a fifth of the way through.


This does mean I’m behind on my plan, but I have a few longer runs planned for later in the year, which should help me catch up – as well as training for the Jersey marathon!


It’s so much harder than I thought it would be. Having started in January, running on dark, windy, and rainy mornings has been pretty miserable.


But now the clocks have gone back, and the sun is trying to shine, so it’s becoming easier to get up and go!


Have you done anything similar to this before? Is it your first time doing a running challenge for charity?

I’ve run three marathons before to raise money for Dementia Jersey.


I’ve never run as far as this in one year. If I’m successful, my distance will be twice as much as I’ve ever done in any one year.


What impact do you hope this challenge will have?

I hope to raise more awareness around strokes, how to prevent a stroke and how they can affect survivors’ lives, as well as their families and friends.


The money I’m raising will go towards providing care to survivors and families, as well research to create better treatments.


How can people support you/donate? Do you have a donation page?

Head to my sponsorship page to donate: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/dione-duhamel1.


Or you can donate directly to the Stroke Association at https://www.stroke.org.uk/donate/make-donation.

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