Geopark Visitor Centre Exhibition

Jersey Geopark Centre: connecting people through the earth


2 June 2021


The Aspiring Jersey Island Geopark Visitor Centre, sponsored by Saltgate, opened at Jersey Museum over the weekend.


The centre showcases the unique and special landscapes Jersey has to offer and encourages people to go out and see first-hand how geology has shaped and influenced the island we know today.


The visitor centre is part of Jersey Heritage’s wider plans to have Jersey recognised as a UNESCO Global Geopark, having Jersey internationally recognised for its rich geology and heritage.


Chief Corporate Officer Hannah Culshaw gave a speech at the launch event, capturing why Saltgate is so pleased to be supporting this project and Jersey Heritage as a whole.


Head down to Jersey Museum to see the Aspiring Jersey Island Geopark Visitor Centre for yourself in the John de Veulle Gallery on the ground floor, and immerse yourself into Jersey’s distinctive geology.
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