Supporting victims of the Jersey tragedies

19 December 2022


The island of Jersey, where our biggest office is based, suffered two tragedies this month.


First, a fishing boat collision in which three lives were lost at sea. Just two days later, an explosion claimed the lives of residents in a St Helier flat, with some still missing.


The loss of so many people is devastating. Jersey is a small island so these tragic events are felt across the community.


Jersey’s Bailiff Sir Timothy Le Cocq and Chief Minister Kristina Moore have established the Bailiff's Island Appeal for anyone who’d like to donate to support the victims of both tragedies.


We’ve extended our festive giving commitments and will be donating to the Bailiff’s Island Appeal.


If you’d like to donate to the appeal, click here to do so.


We continue to support colleagues in Jersey in the aftermath of this news.


It has been a difficult time for Jersey’s community and we stand with you.
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