Month of Giving: Brightly


17 December 2021


Brightly are the next local charity we’ve committed to support under our Month of Giving campaign.


They’re a Jersey-based charity who support children and young people who are under the Children's Social Care Service.


They provide their service users with the same opportunities as those living in a stable family environment would receive, like a place at a nursery, new clothes, help with setting up their first home, driving lessons, doctors, laptops, graduation grants, and much more.


Brightly help to improve the social inclusion, financial independence, and personal growth and development of their service users.


Their work to ensure those from difficult or disadvantaged backgrounds are given equal access to opportunities to thrive ties in with Saltgate’s commitment to equality.


Brightly is helping to productively deconstruct inequality in our local communities and on a wider scale, so we are thrilled to support them through a £1,000 donation this festive season.
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