The PATRIZIA Foundation and Saltgate


31 August 2021


A people-first charity supported by a people-first organisation


Saltgate is a proud sponsor of the PATRIZIA Foundation. Launched in 1999, the charity provides children and young adults opportunities to receive an education.


The foundation relies on sponsors from organisations like Saltgate – 100 per cent of donations go towards what the foundation terms ‘KinderHaus projects’; building schools in 11 countries across four continents.


Helping children get a sustainable education


When asked whether the foundation has plans for projects in more countries, representative Jowita Fuchshofer said that – while new projects are in the pipeline – developments in new countries must meet the foundation’s criteria for sustainability:


“The sustainable operation of our schools is crucial for us. That is why we look for local partners who share our values and philosophy, and who commit to operating the facility for at least 25 years.”


Faced with the charity’s biggest challenge in recent times, the Covid-19 pandemic, the foundation tackled this by implementing a Digital Classroom project in three pilot countries.


Saltgate supported the foundation during this period of uncertainty, which meant the PATRIZIA schools in Rwanda could reopen.


The Lakes Challenge – hiking for schools


The Saltgate team showed their commitment to the charity by getting involved with an annual charity hike organised by PATRIZIA back in 2019.


Saltgate aligns itself with the PATRIZIA Foundation because of a mutual focus on education, development, and creating opportunities for young people – something core to our ESG strategy.


The foundation is hosting another hike – the Lake Challenge – hiking 47km in the Lake District on 20 and 21 September to raise €100,000 to expand the facilities of an overcrowded Ugandan school – with Simon Riley and Tim McBain taking part.


Saltgate and the PATRIZIA Foundation’s shared values of charitable giving, with an emphasis on serving communities around the world, help to provide real-world solutions to issues like illiteracy, as well as a continued effort to combat the vicious cycle of poverty.


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