Saltgate and the Jersey Colts: the importance of nurturing young talent


18 January 2022


Nurturing the talents of young people is essential to creating adults who thrive in their professional and personal lives.


Since 2015 we have been a proud partner and supporter of the Jersey Colts and the coaching team who give the island’s sporting talent the tools and opportunities to succeed.


As part of our commitment, Saltgate’s Chief Corporate Officer Hannah Culshaw and Director Adrian Moll joined the Colts for their annual kit presentation at the end of last year.


Players were given brand new playing kits, training tops, t-shirts, hoodies, and kit bags, all sponsored by Saltgate.



Speaking on the partnership, Colts manager Alan Williamson said: ‘Without Saltgate’s financial support of the team travel costs, it would be difficult to compete in the Sussex Colts League and negate the ability to play competitive rugby.’


As a business, we’re committed to supporting players’ career ambitions off the pitch too. Alan continues: ‘One of the biggest advantages of Saltgate’s support of the Colts is the opportunities for the squad, both on and off the pitch.


Hannah and Adrian provided insight into Saltgate and the career opportunities available to players. Many Colts who took up work experience began their careers Saltgate.’



The Colts are around halfway through their current season. After a shaky start with a defeat from Hove, they went onto win their match against Horsham Colts, followed by a close defeat from Pulborough who took the win by a three-point margin.


The Colts will take on Heathfield on home turf April. It will be a special occasion as home matches are a rarity for the Colts.



At the heart of our commitment to the Colts is our desire to support the communities in which we operate and provide learning and development opportunities to young people.


We’re thrilled to enter the seventh year of this partnership and look forward to seeing the Colts continue to do Jersey proud.
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