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Saltgate pledges to cover Wetwheels' fuel bill for 2021


2 September 2021


Saltgate Group has pledged to support local charity Wetwheels Jersey by donating £6,000 to cover their fuel bill for 2021.


As part of their commitment to green initiatives, Saltgate will also carbon offset all Wetwheels’ fuel usage.


Wetwheels Jersey operates boat trips to give disabled and disadvantaged people access to the water in a safe, barrier-free, and enriching way – no matter their impairments or requirements.


Saltgate partnered with the charity because of its dedication to improve quality of life for the most vulnerable – something members of Saltgate’s team got to witness first-hand when they joined Wetwheels Jersey’s trip with Jersey Youth Service.


Dina Rogan, Operations Director of Wetwheels said:

“We’re really pleased to be teaming up with Saltgate. They’ve seen the special experiences we provide through our boat trips, and their partnership means we’re able to continue these services, which are free to users, supporting those most vulnerable in our community.


Saltgate’s commitment to covering and carbon offsetting our fuel means that we can facilitate our trips while remaining environmentally friendly – something that’s never been more important.


We thank Saltgate for choosing to support us and look forward to the future of our partnership.”


Hannah Culshaw, Saltgate’s Chief Corporate Officer said:

“The experiences and opportunities Wetwheels provide has such a positive impact on the community and it’s our pleasure to support them in their mission.


Saltgate is passionate about inclusion, and Wetwheels’ dedication to providing boat trips to people, regardless of their impairments or needs fully aligns with our charitable focus.


We’re very pleased to uphold our environmentally conscious values by offsetting Wetwheels’ fuel usage.”

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