Saltgate pledges to support earthquake victims


16 February 2023


It is with great sadness that we have watched, alongside the rest of the world, the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes that have hit Turkey and Syria.


This has affected many thousands of people whom have been left without shelter in freezing winter conditions, while sadly, the death toll continues to rise.


It was almost a year ago that Saltgate pledged to raise money to help the people of Ukraine, and a year on, we are back out there raising funds through our Do-5, Donate-5, Nominate-5 challenge.


In light of this recent tragedy, Saltgate will be pledging additional financial support to help those affected by this earthquake.


We will also expand our Do-5, Donate-5, Nominate-5 campaign and will be making an additional donation for everyone who participates to help those affected.


Our donations will go to the Disasters Emergency Committee’s Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal. The DEC charities and their local partners are among the first responders, working directly on the ground to provide medical treatment, shelter, food, and clean water.


We feel this is an effective way to get supplies to those most in need in both Turkey and Syria. £50 will provide food for two families for 10 days, while £100 could provide emergency shelter for four families, so all contributions will make a real difference.


Now, more than ever, it’s important we look out for each other with kindness and compassion.
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