Ukraine crisis: supporting Crown Agents with Global Giving


18 March 2022


We’re committed to supporting those affected by the Ukraine crisis.


Crown Agents, an international not-for-profit development organisation, are on the ground providing essential aid from their Ukraine offices and humanitarian base in Poland.


CEO Fergus Drake and Commercial Director Louise Quy have seen the situation unfold first-hand and we were privileged enough to hear from them both over a Zoom call.


They gave a heart-breaking insight into what’s happening, highlighting the need for financial support to provide aid like trauma kits.


Crown Agents have already transported 71,000 trauma kits but need 200,000. One kit is one life saved.


Every Saltgate employee can use their Global Giving nomination to support Crown Agents work in Ukraine. Crown’s links with the Ukrainian Ministry of Health means the donation from our Global Giving fund will go directly to those needing it.


As a business, we want to do everything we can to help the Ukraine crisis. We’ve also pledged to donate for every mile walked in our March Around the World step challenge. And colleagues in our Jersey office have gathered supplies and donations for the refugee appeal.


We’d like to thank Fergus and Louise for taking the time to speak to our team. It was a humbling reminder of how lucky we are – and why it’s essential to support organisations such as Crown Agents that are helping those in need in Ukraine.
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