Saltgate announces 29 promotions


17 November 2021


Saltgate has promoted 29 people across its Jersey, London, and Luxembourg offices.


In Saltgate’s Jersey office, 22 members of the team have received promotions.


Four colleagues have been promoted in Saltgate’s Luxembourg office, and three colleagues in their London office.


Simon Riley, Saltgate’s CEO, said:

“It’s with great pride that we are recognising and rewarding 29 members of the team with promotions. We’ve had a fantastic year as a business and that’s a direct result of our team’s hard work and commitment to partnering with our clients to deliver exceptional service.


Everyone receiving promotions should be extremely proud of themselves and what they’ve achieved over the last year. I’m always impressed by how talented and committed the Saltgate team is, and look forward to more success in the future.”


This round of promotions comes after Saltgate implemented a renewed performance review process, to capture a wider scope of success within the business.


Ali French, Saltgate’s Chief People Officer, said:

“We reformed our performance review to recognise our team’s commitment to upholding Saltgate’s culture and values. Our people are integral to the inclusive, diverse, and uplifting culture we have at Saltgate – one we’re proud to have – so it felt appropriate to consider this when reviewing performance.


Our people-first culture focuses on learning, development, and growth. That’s shown through the number of people receiving promotions. I’m delighted to reward so many deserving colleagues, and I look forward to seeing their ongoing success.”
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