Freyja Dodsley

Freyja Dodsley, Senior Fund Administrator


What's your role and responsibilities?

I’m a Senior Fund Administrator so I service and look after the funds of our clients. I’m also involved with payments, client due diligence, and setting up new companies.


What university did you go to?

I attended Jersey International Business School and got my degree from the University of Buckingham.


What course did you take?

I did International Financial Services, which I really enjoyed. The degree was broad, so it covered areas such as business, business ethics, psychology, marketing, and more. I gained a breadth of knowledge of different subjects.


What did you want to be when you were 8 years old?

I wanted to be an architect – I enjoyed the design and creative aspect of it. I used to design houses on the squares in my notebooks, so I had books of little houses.


What's your favourite way to relax?

I love to ride my three horses – Aussie, Penang, and McCoy. I started riding when I was five and I love that it provides a disconnect from normal life.


I really appreciate the time outdoors and the care that goes into looking after horses. I get up early and ride before work – it’s a good start to my day.


Where's your favourite place to eat in Jersey?

I love Nude Food Beach in St Aubin. It’s a nice, chilled atmosphere with great food.


What's your favourite possession?

My horses.


What made you choose to work for Saltgate?

I heard of Saltgate from someone I knew through riding. She said there was a good atmosphere and the team were really nice. She recommended me, I applied, and I ended up working at Saltgate part-time throughout my degree. They supported me in my role and their flexibility meant I gained some really valuable experience of the funds industry.


Saltgate’s size means that everyone’s individual contributions are heard and considered valuable – we work as a flat-office structure.


There’s also emphasis on development so everyone is given plenty of opportunities to excel, learn more, and develop. I’ve been at Saltgate full-time for two years now.


What professional training have you done?

I plan to start ICSA to get my chartered secretary qualification. Saltgate provide the space and resources for me to study at my own pace, so I’ll be fully supported when I begin my professional qualification journey.


What do you do on an average day?

After riding one of my horses before work, I’ll head into the office and answer any client requests that have come in. I’ll get to work on some projects and liaise with directors about any upcoming tasks. I’ll prepare for board meetings, distribution, redemptions, and capital calls too.


What is your next step?

Getting ICSA-qualified. Saltgate focuses on building long-term careers, so we’re encouraged to grow and progress in our roles. There’s a clear development pathway for me to work my way up to a leader position within the business which is exciting. I’m looking forward to beginning studying.


What advice would you give yourself as a graduate considering the experience you have now?

Trust your own ability as it will give you more confidence. The more I’m progressing now, the more I trust that I understand and I’m doing the right thing.


I would say don’t be afraid to struggle either – I’ve learnt so much from the busiest times.


Also, everyone makes mistakes, and you learn from your own.
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