Preparing our interns for the future


10 August 2022


We’ve structured our summer programme so our interns can develop their skills for a career  beyond A-levels and university.


We’ve committed to support young people in our jurisdictions, so we want them feel the time they spend with us is valuable, and they’re learning in a friendly environment.


George Clifford is new to the programme this year and is reaching the end of his master’s degree.


We checked in with him to see how he’s finding life at Saltgate so far.


Where are you at in your studies?

I’m nearly done with my master’s degree in sport psychology at Newcastle University. I’m just finishing off my dissertation and then I’m all done. I’ve studied in Newcastle four years – and I absolutely loved everything about it.


What’s your role and what are your responsibilities at Saltgate?

I’m working on the corporate side of the administration team dealing with a client’s funds. I’ve been taught how to write AML letters and board meeting agendas, and I’ve been communicating with clients. I’m helping out any way I can. It’s a great learning experience.


What are your hobbies or what do you do for fun?

I love playing sports – I played football at university and when I’m back home, I play a lot of tennis and padel tennis with friends. I love coming back home to my group of old friends, so my spare time is mostly spent with them.


What did you want to be when you were younger?

The classic; I always wanted to be a professional footballer – every boy’s dream. When neither England nor Chelsea came calling, I realised this probably wasn’t going to happen. A vet as a close second as I love animals.


Do you have a hidden talent?

I’m afraid not. If I had to say something, I’ve got a decent tennis serve…


What’s your favourite part of your role?

I love the office atmosphere and my team – they’ve been so welcoming and I’ve loved spending time with them. I’ve never experienced working in an office and Saltgate has really made me consider my future career plans.


What’s been the best experience you’ve had as an intern at Saltgate?

Probably being called up for the softball team and earning back-to-back MVP awards… that’s a feeling like no other! I am, however, slightly worried I’ll have to cancel my travel plans so that I’m free for Wednesday evenings at Les Quennevais.


What’s been the most surprising thing?

The amount of training and support we receive. We have training sessions every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We’re learning so much – I wasn’t expecting such a structured internship programme.


What advice would you give a student considering an internship or work experience?

If you want to get a taste of the finance industry and working as part of a team in an office, then go for it! I’m still unsure of my career plans – my degree was in something totally different. But I’m learning along the way and it’s all great experience.


What’s your favourite part of Saltgate culture?

The open plan office is great; it helps your nerves as an intern. You worry that you might have to go knocking on important employees’ office doors and bothering them, but that’s not the case here.


Everyone is friendly and willing to help, as long as you’re wanting to learn with a good attitude.
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