How Saltgate stands out


4 January 2024


As a fund administrator in a competitive industry, it’s important to stand out.


Saltgate is unique in its size, culture, and values – things that sealed the deal for Fund Administrator George Crosthwaite Eyre when deciding where he wanted to build his career.


Our focus on maintaining that ‘small company feel’ fosters a collaborate environment where everyone – no matter their seniority – feels empowered to be curious, take responsibility, and achieve their goals.


George talks more about why these factors are especially important to him in Gallery’s latest Gradu8 feature.


Pick up the magazine and turn to page 132, or read on to learn more about George and his journey with us.






Fund Administrator


University attended

Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, US.



My major was in Political Science. I did a ‘mini minor’ in Security Studies.


What did you want to be when you were 8 years old?

Like most eight-year-old boys, I wanted to be in the army. I think I wanted to be a postman too.


Favourite way to relax

Reading – non-fiction biographies in particular. My favourite book I read recently was the Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Sailing also – my Dad and I have been doing it since I was young. It’s a great sport and lovely way to spend time with your friends and family.


Favourite place to eat in Jersey

Banjos or La Capannina. I’m not from Jersey so have eaten in lots of places, but I’ve never experienced anything like La Capannina – it’s fantastic!


Favourite possession

It’s more of a sentimental item, but at age 12 my parents gifted me a mahogany wooden desk that I still love. It’s stayed with me over the years and seen me grow up.


What made you choose to work for Saltgate?

I came to Jersey to visit my brother and ended up loving the lifestyle here. I decided I wanted to make the move, and when I was looking into local opportunities, Saltgate appealed to me on several fronts. The size of the organisation being one – I know and get on with everyone I work with. I don’t like the idea of doing 10 years at a larger company and there being a good chance you still haven’t met everyone!


The open office is great too because it creates a collaborative environment. I love that directors are on our desks rather than shut away in an office – you’re able to interact with and learn from them more.


I’ve felt the importance Saltgate place on work-life balance – the Engage 222 benefit being an example of that. The work ethic here is very strong, but they’re flexible and considerate of your time outside the office, making them stand out.


What professional training have you done?

My degree, but I’ll begin my ICSA qualification in June to get the ball rolling with more professional qualifications.


What do you do on an average day?

Half of my day is spent interacting with clients and working on daily tasks as they come in. I could be preparing a capital call, distribution, or dividend. I’ll gather KYC documents if requested, so passports, proof of address, etc.


The other half is dedicated to hygiene exercises like record maintenance or post-meeting actions like writing up minutes. If we have a client or board meeting coming up, I’ll prepare relevant documents and circulate them to attendees.


I also support the trainee in our team to get settled into their role. I’ve just been promoted from trainee myself, so it’s great that Saltgate have faith in my ability and trust me with that responsibility early on.


What is your next step?

I’d like to progress up the ranks. Most people want to be seen as taking ownership of something and doing a good job, so I welcome more responsibility.


What advice would you give yourself as a graduate considering the experience you have now?

Once you’ve identified an industry you’re interested in, apply to any role it offers and attend interviews – it’s how you work out the right path for you. I knew Saltgate was the right fit because I came into the office, met the people, and got a feel for the place.


And don’t be afraid to ask questions, but don’t forget to take notes!
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