Jess Moll, Fund Administrator


What did you want to be when you were 8 years old?

An archaeologist. I was interested in history from a young age – I have ‘Horrible Histories’ to thank for that.


Favourite way to relax

Cooking, baking, going on walks or to the gym. I enjoyed a wine tasting and education course I did recently too.


Favourite place to eat in Jersey:

Mano’s, the Portelet Inn, or Enoteca – it does the most amazing pasta and wine.


Favourite possession

My collection of Doc Martens – I have seven pairs.


What made you choose to work for Saltgate?

I initially planned to do a gap year so did an apprenticeship in the Client Due Diligence (CDD) team. I then opted for university but when I realised it wasn’t for me, I came back to Saltgate and they were really accommodating. The experience I gained previously had a big impact.


As a company, Saltgate is really inclusive and friendly. Everyone knows everyone so I’m not scared to speak to anyone. It’s not an overwhelmingly huge business so I feel valued. I work in partnership with the senior team who act with integrity and commitment. We partner with some amazing clients too, I learn a lot from them.


What professional training have you done?

I’m studying for my CGI qualification (previously ICSA). I just passed my Certificate in International Finance and Administration and I’m working towards a Level 5 Diploma. I’m studying for two exams at the moment – Business Management in Practice and Fund Administration.


Saltgate is really committed to our professional development. They’re generous with study leave which definitely helped me pass my most recent exam. It’s nice to have a good chunk of time to get all my revision done.


What do you do on an average day?

Before my workday starts, I head to the gym. When I get to the office, I check my emails and write up my to do list for the day. My responsibilities include completing check sheets, writing minutes, and doing CDD reports.


Client-side, I work with lawyers on transactions and keep my clients in the loop with everything going on. If it’s a day of board meetings, I prep for that by writing notes and a script.


If I’m not doing any of the above, I’m working on my continued professional development (CPD), training junior people in my team, or coordinating the next social committee event.


What is your next step?

Professionally, I’ll continue to do exams to become a Chartered Governance Professional. I want to keep moving up as I’d like to be in a management role at some point.


Personally, I’d like to see more of the world.


What advice would you give yourself as a graduate considering the experience you have now?

Have confidence and don’t be scared to showcase your abilities. Speak to anyone and everyone too – I used to be so shy and hated picking up the phone, but now I’m not. I was 18 when I started at Saltgate and I’ve grown so much since then in this supportive environment.
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