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12 December 2022


‘I wanted to study and learn so Saltgate’s training opportunities stood out to me. Support for professional development seemed ingrained into the culture.’


We pride ourselves on being an organisation that prioritises progression.


Every colleague is supported to achieve their best, and Senior Fund Accountant Tom Blampied is a shining example of this.


Having been with us for six years, he knows a thing or two about Saltgate, so we spotlighted him for the latest edition of Gallery’s Gradu8 feature.


Find out more about Tom’s career journey, ambitions, and achievements below, or read the feature in Gallery itself – pages 100-101:






I’m a Senior Fund Accountant.



I’m currently taking ACCA exams. When I’m finished, I’ll be a qualified accountant.


What did you want to be when you were 8 years old?

A footballer of course. I wasn’t quite good enough to go professional, but it’s my passion so I still play.


Favourite way to relax

Playing football and going to the gym – that’s what takes up most of my spare time. I get involved with work sports socials like the softball league and Corporate Cup too.


Favourite place to eat in Jersey

Since I’m a westie, I love the Crab Shack, El Tico, Oyster Box, and the Beach Club. I don’t think I could pick one!


Favourite possession

It has to be my dog Scooby – he’s a two-year-old Labrador.


What made you choose to work for Saltgate?

I joined Saltgate fresh out of school when I was 17 – a recruitment agent recommended them to me based on what I was looking for career-wise.


I was impressed in my interviews – I wanted to study and learn so Saltgate’s training opportunities stood out to me. Support for professional development seemed ingrained into the culture, so I said yes to the job offer and I’ve been here ever since!


Over the years I’ve seen how our core values of engagement, partnership, integrity, and commitment are embraced across Saltgate, making it a great place to work.


What professional training have you done?

Under my ACCA qualification, I’ve studied audit, tax, business basics, management accounting, and more. I’ve taken 11 exams since I started at Saltgate, the first one being in early 2019, and I have two exams left. I’m expecting to fully qualify as a Member of Association of Certified Chartered Accountants in April 2023. Saltgate gives me time off to study and gives everyone a two-month paid sabbatical on qualification.


What do you do on an average day?

I look after the day-to-day accounting; this includes bookkeeping, preparing financial statements, and liaising with auditors. We have high calibre, influential clients that I get to work with directly with the fantastic support from the whole team.


I moved over to the private equity side of the business this year – I worked in real estate for five years before this so it’s great that I’m able to move around the business.


As I’ve grown in my role, I’ve gained line manager responsibilities. I lead two trainee fund accountants, reviewing their work and supporting their development.


What is your next step?

Getting fully qualified in the first half of 2023. I’d like to move up the professional ladder into more advanced managerial roles. I want to gain new skills inside and outside of work – maybe even learn an instrument!


What advice would you give yourself as a school-leaver considering the experience you have now?

Throw yourself in at the deep end and don’t be afraid to ask questions.


In accounting, you learn by copying a previous example which you might not understand at first. If it doesn’t make sense, keep enquiring. And learn your accounting standards!
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