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11 May 2022


By Meg Winton


As the Communications and Engagement Officer at Saltgate, I’m normally on the other end of our people’s profiles, spotlights, and interviews.


But in the latest edition of Jersey Gallery magazine, I’ve turned things on its head to represent Saltgate for the Gradu8 feature.


I spoke about my early beginnings at Saltgate, how I’ve been supported in my professional journey, and the advice I’d give myself as a naïve and fresh-faced graduate.


You can read my interview below, or click here to view the full Gallery feature on pages 84-85.


University attended and course

Bournemouth University, Multimedia journalism


What did you want to be when you were 8 years old?

A fashion designer – I’ve always liked fashion and clothes. In primary school we had a ‘dress as your profession day’ – I went in a houndstooth scarf, skinny jeans, and a pink top.


Favourite way to relax

Getting together with friends for food and drinks. Going for a walk or to the gym. Also spending time with my niece and nephew – my nephew Kyle is 13, and his sister Emilia is 2. We love going for breakfast together.


Favourite place to eat in Jersey

Shinzo for sushi. Mano’s for Portuguese food.


Favourite possessions

My degree – the physical document is a reminder of what I’ve achieved. Also I have a gold ring that’s a 21st birthday present from my dad – I never take it off. And my chunky Doc Martens.


What made you choose to work for Saltgate?

A school friend had interviewed here. I applied for some professional experience initially; Saltgate were really responsive, and helped me find a role that was better suited to my skills and degree.


There’s a genuine flexibility to support people in their role. I know I bring a lot to the business, and I feel that my work’s got my back. Saltgate looked after colleagues in the pandemic – that goes a long way.


I talk with Saltgate’s most senior leaders every day – there’s a supportive environment, so I have room to explore new things and express my ideas freely.


Because I’m given independence to grow and develop, I’ve got agency over my career – I don’t think I’d get that everywhere.


What professional training have you done?

Mainly my degree – I use the skills I learned at uni every day. I’m now planning marketing training. Saltgate are supportive of me taking my skills to the next level.


What do you do on an average day?

The main purpose of my role is to keep everyone in the loop, so I’m in touch with everyone across the business to make sure they have what they need to do their job. And let people outside the business know how we’ll help them and what we stand for.


I write articles and press releases, update our website, internal channels and social media, design graphics and arrange photoshoots, so all our messages are clear, fresh, and enjoyable.


In the longer term, I run our content calendar, organising events and campaigns through the year – particularly with our ESG partners.


I recently set up a panel for International Women’s Day. We’re really proud that four of our five C-suite are women, so I invited them to give an open and honest talk about their careers and life at Saltgate.


What is your next step?

More marketing qualifications – managing campaigns, analytics and tracking data.


I’d also love to work on more client-facing material to help us hit our business goals, show why we’re different, and encapsulate all the things I love about the place I work.


What advice would you give yourself as a graduate considering the experience you have now?

Have faith in your ability and confidence in your skills. Don’t stress about getting a post-university job – the working world isn’t as scary as you think it is.


And say yes to everything – you’ll surprise yourself with what you’ll end up liking and doing well in.
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