Saltgate's Maricris Dela Cruz completes PATRIZIA Foundation's Bavarian Peaks Challenge


18 October 2022


Last month, our friends at the PATRIZIA Foundation completed the Bavarian Peaks challenge.


Their trek through the icy foothills of the Alps was to raise money for the PATRIZIA Primary School Songea in Tanzania.


As a member of the Foundation’s Sponsor Circle, our team were invited to take part, so Maricris Dela Cruz, Manager in our Luxembourg office stepped up to the challenge.


We caught up with Maricris to find out more.


What made you sign up to the PATRIZIA challenge?

I enjoy hiking and the idea of doing something I love while helping the children in Tanzania just felt right. Also, I wanted to meet the Patrizians I work with on their portfolio.


How far did you hike/what was the distance and elevation of the hike?

On day one, we climbed 1300 metres and descended 618 metres across 18 kilometres. This took 7.5 hours.


On day two, we climbed 615 metres and descended 1310 metres to the finish line; we hiked across 12.3 km in just under 5 hours.


What was the hardest part of the challenge?

The hardest part was the weather conditions. On the second day, we had to hike up and down in the snow. There was almost no visibility, and the paths were very narrow and slippery.



Was it as you expected? Did anything surprise you about the challenge?

The SNOW! It was not expected at all. I was so happy that people from PATRIZIA let me borrow some hiking poles!


I got to see how big PATRIZIA is too – there were lots of people from different offices there, including the CEO Mr. Egger.



What’s your favourite memory from the challenge?

It’s the connections that I made – the PATRIZIA team are all lovely people.


I commend everyone for finishing the challenge – it was really difficult, but everyone motivated each other and helped anyone who needed it.


How do you feel now you’ve completed it? Would you do something similar again?

I’m so proud of everyone. It wasn’t easy but with the help of other hikers, their fun side, and knowing everything is for a good cause, we did it! I’d be happy to do such a challenge again.



The fundraising goal for the Bavarian Peaks Challenge was exceeded by €30,000, bringing the total to €130,000.


The money raised will finance the PATRIZIA Primary School Songea, providing students with a good education, school dinners, and a place of refuge.


More of the Saltgate team, including CEO Simon Riley, completed the PATRIZIA Lake Challenge last year. The money raised went to expanding the PATRIZIA School Buyamba in Uganda.


We’re thrilled to be in partnership with the PATRIZIA Foundation and supporting their mission to build better futures for children around the globe.
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