Tara Rogerson People Administrator at Saltgate

People team at Saltgate - what's it like?


24 March 2021


The People team are an essential part of the business. They’re responsible for recruitment, payroll, benefits, and more, and are the first port of call for our team for any work-related queries or assistance.


The team is made up of the best people that ensure all worries, suggestions, or questions are listened to.


We spoke to People Administrator Tara Rogerson to find out more about her experience in the People team at Saltgate.



What is your professional background?

I have a degree in History of Art from the University of Leeds – I graduated in July 2019. Previously I attended an international school in Switzerland to do my A levels.


How did you get to Saltgate?

My parents moved to Jersey when I was at university. When I graduated, I came to Jersey and hadn’t planned anything concrete.  Saltgate was the first role I interviewed for – I had a little bit of HR experience, so I thought it would be a good fit.


What’s your role and what are your responsibilities within Saltgate?

I’m a people administrator in the people team. I look after internal day-to-day people operations and I’m learning a lot about probation, leavers, employee lifecycle, payroll, training, learning and development, professional qualifications and benefits. I’m also looking after the student and graduate schemes and programme.


What advice would you give to someone who wants your role?

To really focus on building relationships with employees – for me, getting to know senior people and hiring mangers is what’s made the difference and allowed me to deliver a better service.

If you have a better understanding of their business, the better you are able to help them. It’s useful to understand the team structures, be confident and have conversations with colleagues – it makes the job more enjoyable.


What’s the best thing about your role?

I enjoy how varied it is – no day is the same. I enjoy the social aspect of my role and the interaction with everyone in the business that comes with it. I know who’s who, and who does what. There’s also exposure to so many people in the business which is good – you get to know more people than others may do.


What’s the biggest misconception about your job?

HR in general has a lot of misconceptions; I don’t think some people know what we do, or think we are there to be party poopers. Some may think people in HR don’t have a human heart and are just there to say no to things. It’s called the ‘people team’ at Saltgate because it’s an effort to show the human side and build relationships with people. I’ve had feedback that we are people’s favourite HR team!


Why did you go for the role you are in?

My role was initially a temporary job, but I think HR is really well suited to me. It’s a good mixture of my strengths – I’m social, a good communicator, and organised. I really enjoy my role.


What trait in a person do you most admire or dislike?

I really admire honesty, integrity, and being open-minded. I think respect is important too – being respected and being respectful. I dislike closed-minded, unapproachable people, and those with a nasty character.


What do you do for fun?

Musical theatre – being onstage and singing in a role is my favourite thing in the world.

In a non-Covid world I love going to art galleries and museums and socialising with friends in both Switzerland, the UK and Jersey. I listen to Front Row religiously on BBC Radio 4. I love watching period dramas and reading – I started the Saltgate book club because of it!


What’s your hidden talent?

I speak fluent French so I’m fully bilingual and have four passports! I also sing and dance.


What’s the highlight of your week?

At the moment the highlight of my week is a glass of red wine on a Friday night! I love going on socially distanced weekend walks too.


Who’s your hero?

JK Rowling because she wrote Harry Potter which is the best thing in the entire world. Lin Manuel Miranda also – the composer/writer of the musical Hamilton.


Who’s your favourite author?

Jane Austen and Sally Rooney.


What’s the funniest joke you know by heart?

A man meets another man in the street and says: “Hey, you have courgettes in your ears!”

The man replied: “I can’t hear you; I have courgettes in my ears!”


What makes someone succeed at Saltgate?

Living and breathing the Saltgate values and throwing yourself into the motions of the business. If you’re ambitious, you strive for improvement and are able to have open and honest conversations with a manager who listens, you will succeed.

It’s important to be able to take criticism and feedback so you can keep developing. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it.


What’s your favourite part of Saltgate culture?

I really like that Saltgate is quite a youthful company. Everyone is treated as an equal and as a professional – you’re taken seriously and given responsibility. Everyone is very welcoming too.

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