#10,000 Black Interns: developing skills and breaking boundaries


18 August 2022


Last month a group of talented interns joined us across our Jersey and London offices.


In London, we partnered with diversity initiative 10,000 Black Interns because we’re committed to support young people and promote inclusion, both in our organisation and on a wider scale.


Through the scheme, we welcomed Desha – she’s a first-year student at the University of Bristol, studying maths and economics.


We checked in with Desha to see how she’s finding Saltgate life so far, and what she thinks of the 10,000 Black Interns scheme.


What made you apply for an internship through the 10,000 Black Interns scheme?

I was recommended to apply at an Afro-Caribbean society event at my university. It seemed like a good opportunity to get internship as it took into consideration the disadvantage I may have if applying directly to companies.


They were clear their aim was to include more unrepresented backgrounds in the workplace, which I also felt is very important, so I applied.


Why did you choose to join Saltgate?

I was interested to know more about the accounting sector as it is something I was considering for a future career.


Saltgate is a reputable company that has an established name in fund administration and accounting but is still growing and innovating – I wanted to be a part of it. I felt I could trust Saltgate to give me the experience I needed to kick-start my career.


How are you finding it at Saltgate so far? What are you enjoying?

I’ve found the internship very good so far.


I get to experience being in an office and professional environment, which is exciting. I’m looking forward to finishing my project with the other interns and knowing more about the company in the next few weeks.


Do you feel this internship at Saltgate is valuable to starting your career? Why?

For sure – there have been a lot of transferable skills I’ve developed since starting the internship. Being able to talk to staff about their jobs, experiences, and expertise has given me a better idea of the direction I want to head in.


How do you think this programme is helping young black people who are looking to start their career?

It’s great for giving individuals the experience needed to enhance their CV, as well as provide the opportunity to find out more about what they’re looking for in their future careers.


How important is it for companies to team up with programmes like 10,000 Black Interns?

It’s incredibly important for companies to take part in programmes like this. It gives rise to a more diverse talent pool that reflects society and can add different perspectives to the company.


What difference do you hope the 10,000 Black Interns programme will make?

I hope it will raise awareness of the importance of representation; not just in finance, but our daily lives too.

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