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Saltgate Giving

Saltgate does not exist in isolation. We recognise the potential impact that we can have on our employees, our environment and the communities we work alongside. We strive to create partnerships that will foster positive, collaborative and supportive relationships.


Promoting education and enabling young people to reach their potential is a key area of focus for Saltgate Giving. Saltgate also has a track record of working with charities that strive to enrich the local communities where we operate. We have pledged £2.5 million of our profits in support of these initiatives. Beresford Street Kitchen, PATRIZIA Children’s Foundation, Mind and Brighter Futures are just a select number of organisations we have supported to date.


As promoting education is a pivotal part of our ESG strategy, we are incredibly excited to have partnered with seven of Jersey’s sixth-form colleges to establish the Jersey Schools Learning Partnership. The aim of the programme is to foster greater collaboration between secondary schools to better equip students to reach their full potential, from A-level results and beyond. Saltgate is proud to be a partner in this important initiative and is committed to improving outcomes for Jersey’s student population.

Global Giving

In 2018 we established Saltgate Global Giving. This enables each and every employee across our three global jurisdictions an opportunity annually to nominate a charity of their choice to receive a donation of between £500 - £1000. This is a hugely popular scheme and many charities have benefitted to date.


For further information, contact us at charity@saltgate.com

ESG at Saltgate

At Saltgate our ESG strategy drives our culture and our values system. Our strong governance framework, founded on principles of integrity and the highest ethical standards, is underpinned by focused risk management and transparent operational practices. This provides a robust platform for our experienced and professional leadership team to execute our business strategy; partnering with our clients and engaging with our teams to consistently deliver service excellence.


Our unwavering commitment to our people, our clients and to our communities ensures that at Saltgate no decisions are made without first considering the broader possible future impact on those populations. Our desire to protect our environment and to interact positively with the communities that we work in drives our decision-making processes and our operational practices. We are passionate about our ESG activity and encourage participation from our teams to celebrate and engage with us on our campaigns.


We have taken measures to:

  • Always consider a sustainable option
  • Reduce printing and the use of plastics
  • Increase recycling
  • Save energy
  • Reduce travel
  • Offset carbon emissions
ESG Environment Image


Saltgate’s mission is to be a people first organisation and we enjoy bringing our teams together to share experiences. Whether at an informal team event or our annual group summit, we are focussed on the importance of taking time to socialise, getting to know each other better and building valuable relationships.


Our social committees in each jurisdiction lead our formal monthly and annual events, while our team managers have their own team budgets for smaller events and team treats, ensuring all appetites are catered for and teams are enabled and empowered to socialise and celebrate in a way that best suits them.



Saltgate truly believes that a robust and effective corporate governance framework is an essential contributor to the long-term success of our business. Our view is that our commitment to corporate governance is a key differentiator and integral to the consistent and sustainable long-term strategic direction of our group.


The implementation of our strategy is driven by the executive boards in each of our jurisdictions, with the support and oversight of local independent non-executive directors. Our board members are focused on engagement and partnership with our clients to deliver exceptional services and maintain meaningful relationships built on integrity, openness and transparency.


Our governance practices are underpinned by a combination of external and internal audit frameworks and certifications, including ISAE 3402 and ISO 27001, and the operation of industry leading systems. The independent review of our controls and practices forms an integral part of our overall governance framework, ensuring the consistent delivery of high quality and reliable performance. Our effective controls ensure that we are notified of any potential risks in a timely manner. Protecting our clients’ data is paramount to the design of our control environment and our robust and secure systems ensure the seamless operation of service delivery without compromising our commitment to information security.

Community Support & Sponsorship

June Sarpong OBE
A Black History Month discussion with June Sarpong OBE
Saltgate Beach Clean
Looking after our beaches
PATRIZIA Lake Challenge
Saltgate team complete 50km charity hike for PATRIZIA Foundation
Saltgate proudly sponsors the Jersey Colts
Saltgate team to do PATRIZIA Lake Challenge
Wetwheels Group Photo
Saltgate partners with Wetwheels
The PATRIZIA Foundation and Saltgate
Hiking for better futures
Pride Lunch and Learn
Pride 2021: Lunch and Learn session
Jersey Geopark Centre: connecting people through the earth
Pride 2021
Pride 2021
The Map of Wonders - ArtHouse Jersey
Supporting and enriching creativity among young people
Lunch and Learn
Lunch and Learn for Mental Health Awareness Week 2021
Global Giving: helping near and far
Saltgate Reverse Advent Campaign
The Official Saltgate Reverse Advent Campaign
Genesis Education Programme Launch
Mustard Seed Shoebox Appeal 2020
Beresford Street Kitchen in Saltgate Jersey Office
Beresford Street Kitchen Cookie Campaign
Saltgate Summer Picnic
Saltgate Jersey Summer Picnic
Celebrating National Volunteers Week
‘Do-5, Donate-5, Nominate-5’ Challenge
Sponsoring Jersey Festival of Words
Jersey Beach Clean September 2019
The Mustard Seed Shoe Box Appeal
Saltgate New JRFC Colts Sponsor
A Smile in a Shoe Box
BVCA Women in Private Equity & Venture Capital Series
Saltgate Partners with Local School
Supporting Durrell's 'Cans for Corridors' Scheme
McCann Brothers 'Passion. Action. Inspiration.' Talk
Victoria College Partnership

In response to Saltgate’s donation of £100,000 to charities supporting communities through the COVID-19 crisis: “Honestly I am blown away by this, thank you so much. Not only do we want to do the best for our community during this awful pandemic, but we also want a fighting chance at being here in 6 months’ time so we can continue our good work, so this donation very much makes this position a reality, so thank you.”

Melissa Nobrega, Founder, Caring Cooks

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